10 French Riviera Travel Tips


So if you didn’t see our last post, CC and Mike just got back from our first overseas trip—Paris and then to Southern France and the French Riviera! After exploring Paris for 4 days, we jumped on the fast train (pause to point out how lacking it is that we do not have these amazing trains in America!) and made our way down to the French Riviera. Here are our Travel Tips for you if you’re planning to visit the French Riviera!

1. Stay in Old Town, Nice – Our apartment was in Old Town and it was an amazing location.  We were walking distance to the cutest little cafes and shops, The Promenade, the beach, and Castle Hill.


2. Explore Nice by WALKING – Don’t be afraid to walk anywhere and everywhere! Strolling through all the little winding streets and alleyways is where you truly see the heart of the city. Stop in the local shops. Have a seat and order an espresso and croissant at a local cafe. Just explore the city!!


3.  Castle Hill – Make sure you go up Castle Hill to see the views of the City. Right by the #Ilovenice sign at the end of the Promenade, there is an elevator that will take you almost to the top of Castle Hill if you don’t want to do the Hike. There is also a tram you can take to the top of Castle Hill.


4.  Eat local!10-French-Riviera-Travel-Tips

5.  Take a day trip and go to Eze Village – If you want to do the Hike to Eze Village it is a killer so you should dress accordingly which we did NOT do. Let’ s just say I was in a cold shoulder dress and Mike Miller was in jeans and a polo. 127 stories and 2.2 miles later, we made it. I’m not going to lie, there were parts I thought I was going to die. You can also catch a bus up to the top if you prefer the easy way up. If you are looking for exercise, do the hike, just make sure you dress accordingly and pack lots of water.

10-French-Riviera-Travel-Tips 10-French-Riviera-Travel-Tips10-French-Riviera-Travel-Tips10-French-Riviera-Travel-Tips

6.  Take the bus to Monaco – After Eze Village, you should head over to Monaco. It’s just a short bus ride to Monaco and it is worth checking out with it’s gorgeous architecture, affluence, the Grand Prix, yachts, and of course, the Monte Carlo Casino.


7. Go to the Nice Harbor – pretty views and pictures of the harbor to be had here. It’s worth a little trip over to see the harbor.


8.  Eat Gelato – everyday. Because it’s vacation. If you want to eat Gelato twice a day, do it. As Mike Miller says — It’s my vacation.  PS – my gorgeous gelato models are my niece and her friends, who were our tour guides for our trip through the French Riviera.  


9.  Shop the market every day – I can not recommend shopping at the market enough. It is so cool to wake up, grab some coffee, stroll through the streets to the market, then walk up and down and see all the fresh produce and handmade goods at the market from flowers to food to soap to jewelry. The market has everything you want and need and it is the center of the town. Definitely makes sure you check out the market!

10. Travel with your best friend 




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