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Life is easier when you make fun of yourself.  I’m 100% convinced of this.

We are smack dab in the middle of the summer now people and I’m going to be honest…I have A LOT to make fun of myself for right about now because my life is a hot mess on a daily basis.  The way I see it…I can either sit down and write all of this down and make fun of myself and laugh, and maybe you will even get a laugh out of it too, or, I can lose my mind.  So…I’m going with option 1.

First of all, let’s talk about the picture above which I received from my new friend MC Swab today.  That’s me.  Doing a news interview that’s going to be on television.  With a black sock hanging from my necklace.  AWESOME.

So my new friend MC (who is absolutely amazing and inspirational by the way) has her own television show – FLY THE COOP – where she tells stories about people living out their passions in everyday life.  She found her way to my blog and read my post about the behind the scenes look at our lives – The NON Highlight Reel – and in her own words… “Hey CC!  I read your blog post about the dirty microwave and the laundry and I LOVED it.  Can I do a story on you?!?”  Well of course I said yes and I had such a great time sharing my story and my passions with her.  Then…MC got home and started editing the footage and sent me this beauty.  Wouldn’t you know I had a sock attached to my necklace during an entire portion of the segment.  This is no joke people.  We were in my bedroom and MC was asking me about the laundry situation – I SUCK at laundry and make no bones about it – and we did the entire segment with a black sock attached to my necklace.  YEP.  Typical CC right there.

What else do I need to make fun of myself for?  Just the summer mom situation in general.  You know I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…I post pretty pics of my house and even other people’s houses on this blog but I’m also going to keep it real.  I’m going to post a gorgeous home tour this week – you guys, I’m talking GORGEOUS – of a midtown house designed by Austin Bean Design studio who I have the biggest design crush on ever.  I’m also going to be posting about my vintage midcentury modern sofas that belonged to my husband’s parent’s in the 70’s.  I had them recovered in chocolate velvet and they are GORGEOUS.  But today…today I’m just trying to survive from the last week of a World Series trip to Branson for my son, taking and picking my daughter up from camp, and well, just ADULTING DURING THE SUMMER WITH YOUR KIDS AT HOME NONSTOP.  HOLY COW.  I’m mom failing on a daily basis around here.  So anyway…tomorrow I will give you pretty design pictures but today I’m giving you a behind the scenes real life look at what is really going on around here.  And you guys, there are A LOT of “sock on the necklace moments” going on in the Miller household right now.

First of all, Coco is writing himself $10,000 checks on my business account for “PAY-DAY.”  I found this bad boy laying around and was like WHAT THE HECK COHEN?  Nice try and you wish.  Also, let’s go ahead and talk about those pajama pants while I’m making fun of myself.  I can only juggle so much and let me tell you what I am most definitely NOT juggling right now….laundry and organizational projects around the house and apparently, going to the store and buying new pajamas for my kids who have outgrown their current pajamas.  All 3 of my kids have no pajamas that fit right now and Easton’s swimsuit is two sizes too small currently and I haven’t replaced that either.  #momfail


In other mom fail news, we drove to Branson for Easton’s World Series and when we got there, I didn’t put Cohen’s bag of clothes in the car so he wore the exact same outfit for three days in a row.  So that also happened.  I don’t have a picture of Cohen in his one outfit – can’t imagine why I didn’t want to document that loveliness – but I do have a picture of Easton doing his thing from the trip.


Let’s see what else.  Oh yes, last week I drove to Pawhuska, Oklahoma to photograph the Osage Tribal Dance which was AMAZING and there will be some art coming soon from that.  But for purposes of this blog, let’s just say that I stopped for gas on the way there and tried to swipe my library card probably 10 different times for gas.  I kid you not.  I was getting so frustrated and kept swiping and hitting buttons and swiping and then I looked down and realized, OH WAIT, that’s a Tulsa County Library card, not a credit card.  My best friend Brady witnessed the whole thing so that was also amazing.  I also don’t have a picture of myself swiping my library card at the gas pump ten different times because, well, who takes a picture of that?  But I will show you one of the amazing pictures I took from the Osage tribal dance.   There will be more coming from this soon and a very own post of it’s own as well as incorporating these amazing pictures into home design!


In other summer news…we picked up Emmy from camp Saturday morning after driving from Branson, Missouri (where we were for Easton’s World Series) to Colcord, OK. at 5:45 am.   Consensus from Emmy’s camp experience was that the mini corn dogs were amazing and so were the six packs on all the male camp counselors.  I was dying laughing when those were the first two things she told me about when we got in the car.  I feel ya little momma…I have to say I’m a fan of corn dogs and six packs too.  Unfortunately – I hate to break it to you – but those two things don’t usually go hand in hand.  Oh yes, and I loved when I was asking her about camp and if she missed me a lot because I was making sure she wouldn’t ever want to do the two week camp (mainly because I’m so not ready for her to).  Her response, “I could have stayed 5 more days…but I would have missed Oscar.”  That’s our dog by the way.  Good to know where I rank in the family.  Here’s a picture of her from camp.  Clearly she was missing me a heck of a lot.Best-mom-blog

Oh yes and apparently Emmy came back from camp with bed bugs or bites or something and I have absolutely no idea what to do about that.  I just spread Calamine lotion all over her legs.  Surely that will work?


Ok final mom fail subject.  TRUE STORY: I’m definitely not winning any awards over here for beauty or fitness.  Like I said, I can only juggle so much and unfortunately that ball seems to be the one getting dropped.  I haven’t gone to the gym in about a month which coincidentally coincides with right when summer started.  My toes look like something out of a horror movie, and I’m pretty sure that people think my purple Patagonia hat is permanently attached to my head at this point.  My kids are really helping me feel beautiful and amazing though (this is a sarcastic comment just FYI).  The other day I had to take them to run some errands with me and we were walking out of a store and I heard Emmy gasp.


“WHAT?!”  I turned around scared to death, thinking someone was about to get hit by a car.

“Mom what HAPPENED to your legs there are bruises ALL over the backs.  Oh my GOSH!  Cohen look she has bruises all over the backs of her legs.  That is TERRIBLE!!!  WHAT HAPPENED MOM?!?!”

Cohen – “Yeah that’s bad mom what happened?!”

ME – “Those are my varicose veins.  Thanks guys.”

Then later that day I was sitting on the couch with Emmy and she leans in.  I thought she was going for a sweet hug but no.  She looked up then says, “So I guess you are trying to grow a mustache huh?”

You’re a lucky man right now Mike Miller.  Lucky man I tell you.

Last thing.  This is what my purse looks right now.  I have no words and yes, thanks for asking, that is crushed M&M’s and God knows what else hanging out in the bottom of my purse.  Happy summer to all you parents out there.  Find the humor.  Laugh about it.  Make fun of yourself for your parenting and mom fails.  Because I don’t know about you but I’m not trying to lose my mind and that’s undoubtedly what’s going to happen if I take my life too seriously right now.  Hang in there guys.  We’ve made it halfway.  We can finish the race.




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