• STEP 1

    Tell us a little about the space you are looking to transform by filling out our Design Questionnaire. The Design Questionnaire is your opportunity to give us a sneak peek into who you are, your lifestyle, your family, your design style, where you like to shop, budget, etc.
  • Drop files here or
  • STEP 2

    Take lots and lots of pictures of the space!
    -Start with photographs from all 4 corners of the room
    -Next take photos of each individual wall elevation trying to include the ceiling and floor in view.
    -Also attach any images of items you wish to include in the space, details of tile, flooring, molding, lighting, etc.
  • STEP 3

    Provide a rough (but legible) sketch including all the important room dimensions. Don’t stress! We have provided a template on the best ways to measure a room in detail and where to even start when doing so!
  • STEP 4

    Inspiration is always helpful! We appreciate any Pinterest boards, photographs, color schemes, art, and more that help guide us to exactly the design you are hoping to achieve!
  • Please share your inspiration here or upload Inspiration below!
  • STEP 5

    Let us do the work! We will take all of the information you have submitted and put together a design board and space plan for you to review. Upon approval we will provide you with an itemized shopping list for you to have direct links to all the items you need to bring the designs to life!



  • Draw a sketch outlining the layout of the room including details like fireplaces, windows, columns, etc.
  • Start with overall width and length of the room.
  • After getting the overall measurements begin measuring each individual wall in greater detail. Starting from one corner and working your way all the way across to the next, giving specific information about any windows, doors, built-ins, radiator, electrical outlets, etc.
  • Include additional measurements such as, window height, door height, fireplace (hearth length and width), and height of ceiling from lowest point to the floor.
  • Notate all ceiling fixtures and approximately mark their current location on your drawing.




  • Please provide for any walls with important architectural elements.
  • Draw a sketch of the overall shape of the wall including windows, doors, existing lighting (sconces), fireplace, radiator, electrical, built-ins, etc. Measure in detail the location of each individual item for accurate placement on the wall.
  • Include overall ceiling height and molding detail information if necessary.

staged bar with liqour