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Hey Guys! Its Emmy here and I’m so excited to be taking over the blog to show you how we did this Easy DIY $5 children’s silhouette framed. The idea for these silhouette frames came to life when we had no clue what to do with a random, empty wall in our new teen hangout room upstairs. So my mom and I went downstairs to our guestroom closet to look through the many frames my mom has. (It’s a LOT of frames). When we got down there we saw these cute, little frames my mom got at Walmart a few years back with the intent to do this very project. So we grabbed some paper and a few Sharpies and went to work. I now present an Easy DIY $5 children’s silhouette framed art!collage of three silhouette frames

Here are the supplies. You will need…

STEP ONE: To start off you take a picture of who you are wanting to make a silhouette out of standing sideways against a solid color wall. You then send these pictures to your personal PC.

holding up an image on an iphone of a teenage boy profileholding a phone up with a profile image of a girlprofile view of a blonde boy on an iphone

STEP TWO: Open the email that you send yourself with your pictures and take the “sample picture” that is already in the frame and hold it up to the picture to help you size your photo. You want to shrink down the photo on your laptop or computer until it fits into the space of the silhouette that came framed in the oval Walmart frame.

black silhouette of a woman with white transparency paper
STEP THREE: Take a piece of cardstock and hold it up against your computer. Trace the outline of the picture with a pencil.


a person tracing over the laptop screen with paper and a pencilthree different silhouette drawings

STEP FOUR: Now take your pencil silhouettes and cut them out in a circular shape that matches the frame.

emmy cutting paper for the DIY projectphoto of an outlined boy's profile

STEP FIVE: Once that is finished take the thin Sharpie and outline the silhouette. After you’re done with that, take the thick Sharpie and color in the silhouette. Make sure you make continuous lines in the same direction.

coloring in a boy's silhouette with black marker

Final step: Frame your silhouette’s in your cute Walmart frames; hang them; then DM us on Instagram or tag us in a photo because you know we want to see how cute these turned out!

placing the back of the frame onto the frame

Thanks so much for reading my first blog post!!!  You should tell my mom I should have Instagram.

a cute girl holding up the framed silhouette

Here are some more behind the scenes photos that I took while we were doing this project.

coloring in another profile to create the black silhouette a black silhouette of a teenage boy with a backwards hatshowcasing all three silhouettes showcasing all three children's silhouettesEasy DIY $5 children's silhouette framed art woven hanging chair white walls


Also a lot of these things are from my mom and dad’s new shop, like the pillows, rugs and blankets. Y’all should go check those out. 

CC and Mike Teen Hangout Room Reveal with Joybird Sectional


See ya next time!


Oh yes!  And If you would like to see more amazing finds from Wal-Mart, my mom also wrote a post on the new Flower Home Line by Drew Barrymore that you should check out.  They have the cutest pillows, art, rugs, furniture, and much more!




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