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It’s that time of year where everyone is looking for great holiday gift ideas, which is why I have to tell you guys about Birdies Slippers. If you’ve seen any of my holiday posts lately, then you know that we have been doing some major holiday decorating, and as you will see, I was wearing my Birdies Slippers on repeat. These slippers are so dang comfortable you will want to live in them. But you want to know what else is amazing? They are so cute that you can actually wear them out and about. I have basically become obsessed with them. I wore them on Thanksgiving day—with my hight waisted Thanksgiving pants of course—and I wore them out when we went to the movies on Thanksgiving as well. I wore them all week while I shuffled between working from home and decorating and running out frantically to West Elm and Target and Wal Mart and the thrift store and wherever else I need to run in order to finish my holiday decorating.

So all that to say, I decided I love these Birdies Slippers so much that I have to share them with you guys because I think they are a great holiday gift idea for everyone on your list – wife, mother, friend, sister, sister in law, coworker, boss. Birdies Slippers are not only a great gift idea but they are stylish, useful, comfortable…I could go on and on.  Another thing I love about Birdies Slippers from a gifting standpoint is that the packaging is on point.  You konw when you receive a gift and you are like WOW this is nice. That is how it is with Birdies Slippers. They come in these amazing boxes with gorgeous black silky bags for carrying the slippers in. You guys, giving these as gift makes a statement, trust me. So head on over to Birdies Slippers to check out all the different options they have. I chose the camo because let’s be honest, I’m on a major camo kick, but I love the leopard and also the ones with the tassels. I pretty much love them all. Pair these birdies slippers with some jewelry from the Starfish Project, and I think you have a great holiday gift idea—so meaningful and thoughtful and stylish and useful. Now that is a great gift right there!

So head on over to Birdies Slippers and knock out some of your holiday shopping, or just pick up a pair for yourself (Shhh! I promise I won’t tell). You deserve a treat after all that holiday decorating and shopping you are going to be doing.

Also make sure to check out the many deals that are still going on for Christmas Decor and Holiday Gifts as well as checking out my other holiday gift guides.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Christmas-decor-ideas (140 of 141)Great-Holiday-Gift-Ideas-Birdies-SlippersChristmas-decor-ideas (140 of 141)Christmas-decor-ideas (140 of 141)Christmas-decor-ideas (137 of 141)Christmas-decor-ideas (137 of 141)Christmas-decor-ideas (137 of 141)

True life pictures of what I look like when I’m decorating my house and being comfy wearing my Birdies Slippers around, but the great thing is that you can also wear them when you’re all dressed up and want to head out and run some errands. Oh, and little momma is obsessed and wants some Birdies Slippers as well. Maybe I’ll surprise her with some for Christmas (SHHH!)

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  • Amanda Echolds
    Posted at 08:44h, 28 November Reply

    These are so adorable! I need some

  • Tamara Anka
    Posted at 14:46h, 28 November Reply

    How comfy do these look! I will definitely be checking them out, I love them on you! And your daughter!! So cute!

  • Paige Underwood
    Posted at 06:33h, 29 November Reply

    Love them! Great photos and decor ideas.

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