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I have a million presents I should wrapping right no, but instead I’m writing this last minute post about Holiday Drink Ideas to let you in on a little secret: Be Mixed Zero Calorie Drink Mixers.

Last night I had a girl’s night and Be Mixed was so kind to send us over some of their drink mixes. Let me just tell you, we were all so obsessed with them and we couldn’t get enough. We are all ordering some more to have at home and also have on hands for New Year’s Eve Parties—duh! So, I had to whip up this little blog post for you and let you guys in on Be Mixed Zero Calorie Drink mixers because trust me, you are better than just vodka soda too. Sure, we all order vodka sodar to keep the sugar and calories down but why when you can drink BE MIXED and it tastes absolutely delicious but without and additives?  Basically, Be Mixed zero calorie drink mixers are as healthy as vodka soda but taste oh so much better.

Not only are Be Mixed drink mixers  amazing, but I am also obsessed with their marketing and packaging. You guys, these little beauties arrive in the cutest boxes with fun little coasters that say cute stuff like: “Sugar? I hardly know her!” and “You’re Better than Vodka Soda.” And on the back of each card is an amazing recipe for a low calorie, zero sugar, fabulous drink. What does that mean? You not only will love them for your self but they make amazing gifts as well!

I made a Pomegranate Pear Fizz for our party and it was DELICIOUS! All I did was use a bottle of Prosecco, 4 bottles of Be Mixed Ginger Lime zero calorie drink mixer, and fresh fruit and pomegranate. It was so easy and so fabulous and as all my friends at the party said—CC THIS IS SO FESTIVE!

So do yourself a favor and click on the link below and order some of this amazigneness for your New Year’s Eve Party, to send as a gift, or to just have on hands for healthy drinking during and after the Holidays. Trust me, you guys are going to love Be Mixed Zero Calorie Drink Mixer!

You can shop our favorite BE MIXED mixers and holiday serving ware here:

And click on the picture below to go straight to Amazon to buy your BE MIXED zero calorie mixers!



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