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There is a modern home decor sale going on through the end of the weekend that I just had to let you know about!!!

If someone put me on the spot and asked me, “If you could only shop at one home store for the rest of your life, what would it be?” I’m pretty sure I would say Lulu & Georgia without hesitation.  I heart Lulu & Georgia AND they are celebrating their 4th anniversary right now which means everything on the entire site is 25 percent off with the code POURTHEBUBBLY.   I hope you guys can take advantage of this sale—I know I plan to— because Lulu & Georgia has the best selection of modern home decor that I’ve seen: rugs, furniture, accessories, and lighting. I absolutely love their style.  A lot of my living room items were vintage and thrift store finds but Lulu & Georgia has similar rugs, coffee tables, chairs, tables and lamps to the ones that I have in my living room.  You all know I love brass and Lulu & Georgia has lots of brass, marble, campaign side tables, and a healthy selection of velvet furniture in jewel tones and white.  Um, Yes please.  L&G definitely knows how to speak my language.

First of all, let’s talk about their rugs, like I said they have one of the best rug selections I have ever seen. Here are some of my favorites but to see even more you can head over to their website.

Next let’s talk about their lighting.  Like I said, plenty of brass but they also have plenty of other options.  They also have one of the best lamp selections I’ve seen.  If you are looking for that perfect lamp for your living room, bedroom, or even your entryway or buffet, Lulu & Georgia won’t let you down.

Last but not least is furniture.  Like I mentioned earlier, Lulu & Georgia has everything you will need from couches to accent chairs to beds.  I also love their selection of specialty furniture that you can’t find anywhere else like velvet, leather, marble and brass, and fur.  They also have some dining room chairs and dining room tables that are very similar to mine as well.

I hope you guys can take advantage of this modern home decor sale and find some amazing items!

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