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Today, we are excited to share this blog post on How to Use Rust-Oleum Studio Color Interior Advanced Paint + Primer! To be more specific, we are sharing the entire process of selecting our paint for Easton’s new bedroom redo! Easton has been wanting to freshen up his room for quite some time. So, when Rust-Oleum approached us about their new designer-chosen line of Interior and exterior wall paint that would be available at Walmart, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to finally tackle his room redo!

*This is a sponsored blog post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

CC what paint color should I use???

Let’s be honest. It’s one of the most asked questions I get. To be honest, I think choosing paint is incredibly overwhelming for most people. I mean, you walk into a paint store and there are literally thousands and thousands of rows of different paint colors. I mean there are hundreds of whites and hundreds of blacks. How does one choose?

Well, that’s the beauty of Rust-Oleum Studio Color Wall Paint. It takes the guess work out of selecting paint because it is narrowed down to 18 designer-inspired interior paint selections (available in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss) and 6 exterior paint colors. 

First of all, let me tell you about the selection process for Easton’s bedroom and how easy it was. Rust-Oleum Studio Color Wall paint is available exclusively at Walmart and it’s available online as well. Let me repeat that. IT’S. AVAILABLE. ONLINE. That’ right, you can just head to their website and select from one of their 16 designer chosen interior paint colors and 8 exterior paint colors and have it drop shipped right to your door. Hello ease and convenience…that’s what I’m talking about !

We knew we wanted to do something dramatic for Easton’s bedroom and were looking at a racing stripe in multiple colors going down the center of the bed wall. We knew we were doing black in some capacity, but we weren’t so sure what the accent color was going to be. Like I stated earlier, when I showed up to Walmart to make my Studio Wall Color Paint selections, I was blown away by how easy it was. There was only one black to choose from and I knew that it was a designer-inspired selection so I trusted it.

Studio Color Wall Paint Black!

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Drumroll please because I know you guys want to see how it turned out! Here is Rust-Oleum Studio Wall Color paint black in Easton’s new bedroom. It really is the perfect black!

Next up in the selection process was the accent color that we wanted to use to create the racing stripe down Easton’s bed wall. I am very partial to navy blue and it is an accent color that we’ve used throughout our personal home and many of our projects. I was instantly drawn to this beautiful blue from Rust-Oleum’s new paint line:

Studio Color Wall Paint Stellar!

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Easton and I are so thrilled with how his bedroom paint turned out and like I said, the selection process with Rust-Oleum was so easy and convenient. It’s not easy to make a teenager happy (can I get an amen – ha!) but Easton was all smiles with how his new room turned out thanks to Rust-Oleum Studio Color Wall Paint. I love this photo of him standing in his new room and how you can see the Black and Stellar colors together and how well they pair. They really are the perfect blue and the perfect black.

I wanted to show you a few of my other favorite paint colors that stood out to me while I was at Walmart checking out the new Rust-Oleum Studio Color Paint Line. The Ballet Slipper color is the perfect pale pink and would be a great selection for painting pink cabinets like our Farmhouse Remodel (see below).

I also think the English Manor color looks like the perfect gray for Interiors and am excited to plan it into one of our upcoming projects. The bottom line is, no matter what color of paint you are looking for (interior or exterior) Rust-Oleum Studio Color Wall paint makes the selection process easier by narrowing it town to designer-inspired selections only.

And like I said, they are now available online and at Walmart!

We hope to see some Studio Color Wall Paint in your upcoming projects. Please tag us if you share because we want to see how you used this beautiful paint to transform your spaces!


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