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Trust me, with how many times we have built and moved, I know just how hard it can be to find the perfect kitchen bar stools, which is why I’ve compiled this list of my choices for Top 20 Modern Kitchen Bar Stools.

1. AFLiving Bar Stool | 2. Woodstring Bar Stool | 3.  Riviera Bar Stool | 4. Serena & Lily Carson Bar Stool | 5. Style N Living Bar Stool  | 6. Scoop Back Bar Stool  | 7. French Bistro Bar Stool  | 8. Target – Olympia Bar Stool  | 9. Vapor Bar Stool – Cb2 | 10. Henson Counter Stool | 11. West Elm John Vogel Bar Stools |12. cb2 Leather Roadhouse Bar Stool  | 13. Woven Brass Bar stool 14. Marius Bar Stool | 15. Mack Leather Bar Stool  | 16. Black Leather Roadhouse Stool  17. Essie Bar Stool  | 18. Safavieh Dylan Bar Stool | 19. Lawrence Counter Stool | 20. Origin Backless Bar Stool 


Open kitchen floor plans with big bars that become a congregating area are very common in home design nowadays. Do you know what that means? Bar stools have become an important design element that can’t be overlooked. When we were building our current house, I searched and searched for the perfect bar stools because I needed six for our large waterfall countertop on our bar. I wish I would have had this list two years ago when I was searching. Hopefully, someone out there will read this and it will make their search for the perfect modern bar stools a lot easier.

Personally, I have my eye on those West Elm John Vogel bar stools because they are pure amazingness, as well as this lucite bar stool with the gold base but shhh!  Don’t tell Mike Miller because I don’t think it will go over well when I tell him I already want to replace the 6 kitchen bar stools I just bought last year.

Hope you find a modern kitchen bar stool that works for your home! Happy Shopping!

Here are some pictures of our home and other projects we have done, as well as a kitchen from an upcoming home tour we will be sharing next week. These are perfect examples of how important bar stools are in today’s kitchen design.

modern-kitchen-bar-stools   modern-kitchen-bar-stools


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