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It’s that time of year — The Holidays — so I’m sharing our CC and Mike Holiday Gift Guides 2018 to help you get Holiday ready for everyone on your list!  First of all, I’m going to share my Holiday Top 10 list.  I know it can be overwhelming to shop for the Holidays and it can even be overhwelming to shop with these gift guides.  So not only am I going to share my favorite holiday gift choices for HIM, HER, and the teens and kids on your list, but I’m also going to start with a Top 10 list.  These are the fun new items that I think are the must-haves, or I guess I could say must-gives for this season because they are functional and fabulous and will work for just about anyone on your gift list!  Here are CC and Mike’s Top 10 (pictured above and listed below)

  1. Apple Air Pods – I have given these as a gift to my husband and everyone in our family fights over them.  They are a great gift for husands, friends, teens, and just about anyone on your list.  I highly reomment them.  They are wireless and connect to your apple device so they are convenient!
  2. Alexa Echo Show – So this comes highly recommnded to me and I’m asking for it for Christmas.  You can put it in the kitchen while you are cooking and pull up your favorite recipes from blogs or youtube; you can watch shows on it; you can listen to music.  It’s pretty incredible and I think it’s going to be a great holiday gift for teens, kids, and adults.
  3. North Face Millerton Jacket  – People have been snatching this one up.  Mike Miller loves his and let me just say, it’s an awesome gift for the men in your life.
  4. Cole Haan Grand Pro Tennis Shoes – Great gift for the husbands; one of my best selling, if not the best-selling men’s items and it is always a huge hit when given as a gift.
  5. Vitality Lip Flush – It’s under $25.  It’s a great stocking stuffer or it’s a great, thoughtful, and affordable gift to give to teens, friends, moms, sisters, employees….just about everyone!
  6. Charging Bracelets– I’m obsessed with these Personalized Charging Bracelets.  They are so functional and unique.  I love that they can be bought for teens, friends, husbands and wifes…they are just a great gifting item!
  7. Faux Fur Brushed Tip Throws – Seriously though…who doesn’t love a good fur throw. One of my friends bought these for all of her office employees; I bought two to give as gifts.  They are just an awesome gift idea and are affordable.
  8. Crazy Cars – These are so awesome for kids and are a huge hit if you’re looking for an awesome surprise gift!  We get so many questions about these when people see our youngest son, who is 9 years old, playing on them in our neighbor’s backyard.  They will be a hit if you are looking for a fun gift for your kids!
  9. Marc and Graham Personalized Carry On – Let’s be honest, gifts that are functional are amazing. And these personalized carry-ons are fabulous and functional.  They will also be a hit with pretty much anyone on your gift list.
  10. Echo Dot – We got this for our kids last year and I can’t tell you what a hit it has been. It’s such a good, afforable stocking stuffer or a great gifts for nieces and nephews!
  11. Neato Robot Vacuum – OK, I just made it a top 11.  Because who doesn’t want the gift of not having to vacuum all year.  Mike Miller – I hope you’re reading this!

Next up are my Holiday Gift suggestions for that special guy in your life.  These are either best sellers, something Mike Miller currently has and loves, or something that comes highly recommended from someone that I trist.  The North Face Millerton Jacket has been a best seller AND Mike Miller loves his, as well as the Cole Haan Grand Pro Tennis Shoes.  The Under Armor Athlete Recover Sleepwear by Tom Brady comes very highly recommended to us by our good friends and hopefully my husband isn’t reading this because this is definitely on the top of his gift list for this Christmas!


Yeti Rambler  | North Face Millerton Jacket | Cole Haan Grand Pro Tennis Shoes|  Under Armor Athlete Recover Sleepwear by Tom Brady – top | Under Armor Athlete Recover Sleepwear by Tom Brady – bottoms | Movado Watch  | Personalized Mercer Overnight Bag | Charging Bracelets | Reversible Patagonia Vest | Yeti Cooler  | Beer Brewing Kit | DJI Phantom 3 Drone | Oakley Holbrook Polarized Sunglasses | Apple Watch |
CC and Mike Holiday Gift Guides 2018 Best christmas gifts for husband or boyfriend

Next up are my gift suggestions for her!  Again, these are all either things I currently own and highly recommend (like the aerie play pocket best selling logger pants,Ugg Pax Weatherproof wedges,  Quay Aviator Sunglasses , Vitality Lip FlushLeopard Vest, and the Ugg Mika shoes that can be worn TWO ways), OR they are things that I want: The Alexa Show, charger bracelet, Neato robot vacuum, Ugg pajamas, and several more! Oh yes, and theTortoise Hoop Earrings  are such a great gift and stocking stuffer for under $20.  They look amazing on everyone!


Ugg Pax Weatherproof wedges | Tortoise Hoop Earrings | Faux Fur Brushed Tip Throws |  Wubbly Fleece Throw | Charger Bracelet | Soft and Plush Camo Shirt | Ugg Mikas – can be worn 2 ways | Women’s North Face Parka | Quay Aviator Sunglasses  Vitality Lip Flush | Marc and Graham Personalized Carry On | Leopard Vest | Fleece Vest Pullover |  Ugg Raven Plaid Pajama Set | Neato Robot Vacuum | Aerie Play Pocket Pants  | Mac Lipstick Set 


CC and Mike Holiday Gift Guide best gifts for Her Holiday 2018 best leopard gift items personalized carry on luggage ugg pajama set best fleece pullover

Finally, these are my gift recommendations for preteens and teens.  I will be adding to this list and even doing a completely separate post, separating out Holiday Gifts for teen boys and Holiday Gifts.  The charger bracelets are so awesome.  Trust me on the yoga swings…all kids love them.  And well, pretty much everything on this list is or would be a big hit for the teens and preteens on your holiday gifting list!


Ancestry DNA Kit | Faux Fur Slippers | Apple Air Pods | Charging Bracelets | Vitality Lip Flush | Echo Show | Embroidered Swell Water bottle | Camo Pajama Set | Wubbly Fleece Throw | Marc and Graham Personalized Carry On | Kendra Scott birthstone necklace  | Apple Air Pods| Yeti RamblerAncestry DNA Kit | Echo Show | Echo Dot Marc and Graham Personalized Carry On | Bose Bluetooth Speaker | HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer | Aerial Yoga Swing Set | Razor Crazy Car 

CC and Mike Holiday Gift Guide best christmas gifts for teens and preteens alexa show personalized luggage yeti tumbler best gifts for teenagers

Also for stocking stuffers, I highly recommend you look at Walmart!  Emmy and I were there the other day and found so many great stocking stuffers at an affordable price from Walmart.  We absolutely love their Hacci joggers and Snuggle shirt for pajamas and their beanies with matching gloves.  There are so many great and affordable goodies from Walmart for your stocking stuffers!  Here are some of your favorites:

Thanks for stopping by our CC and Mike Holiday Gift Guides 2018!  Hope you find something for everyone on your list!  Don’t forget to check out some of our Holiday Recipes and also, our Holiday Decor Favorites as well! You can also check out our Holiday Home Tour 2018.  Here is a little Sneak Peek of our home decked out for the Holidays.  Our front porch decor is from Home Depot and you can shop this look below:

Holiday Decor Favorites from Home DepotSHOP OUR HOME DEPOT FRONT PORCH:


Happy Holidays Everyone!


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