Post-Holiday Pantry Organization Tips for 2021

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“I was compensated by Walmart for this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

It’s January, y’all.  You know what that means – PANTRY ORGANIZATION time.  Well, organization time in general it seems. If you are like us, after we take down all our Christmas decor we are in a major clean-out mode around the Miller house and after all that Christmas cooking, our pantry is a straight-up disaster. To help with this, we have been taking full advantage of our Walmart+ membership! As I’ve been organizing my pantry – and my life – after the holidays I’ve found some really cool products and tricks to help me get and stay organized. Here are some post-holiday pantry organization tips that can help you tackle clutter, beautifully.

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Pantry Organization Tips and Must-Have Essentials for Total Home Organization

Last month, I talked to you guys about how we are loving Walmart+ for ordering and delivering all of our groceries.  It’s so easy and convenient and the membership benefits are awesome (free delivery from your local store on orders $35+ – restrictions apply). But Walmart+ delivers more than food! Here are my favorite essentials for home and pantry organizations from Walmart+.

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Clear Canisters and Jars Create a “Home” for all of Your Pantry Essentials

I love to have everything accessible in a way that is simple and elegant. Clear canisters and jars are perfect for this! I use them to store baking ingredients, cereals, and snacks. Walmart+ also has glass penny jars that I use to stash my favorite treats. So cute! I can see what I have and the shelf still looks neat. It makes post-holiday pantry organization so much more satisfying!

One thing that I do to help make organization easy is making sure that everything has a place. If something doesn’t have a “home” then it can be hard to make room. I kept this in mind while organizing my pantry after the holidays. Just as Walmart+ helped us stock up for our family feast, they have helped me find “homes” for things both in my pantry and around my house. 

We made so many fun foods with our beautifully organized pantry items! Check out our post on what we made this season. 

I found these Better Homes and Gardens wire baskets on Walmart+ that I use on our shelves. They are great for grouping snacks and canned goods in the pantry. No more piling groceries onto the shelves! I couldn’t ask for a better post-holiday pantry organization tool. I use these shallow metal baskets to help organize things on our counter for items that I don’t store in the pantry. If I need them out of the way, I can just tuck them up onto the top shelves.

Get These Amazing Better Homes and Gardens Canister Sets from Walmart +

I found these amazing Better Homes and Gardens canister sets, and they have been a total game-changer. I use these gorgeous ceramic canisters to help store the ingredients for some of our latest baking attempts. Beautiful and functional, they come in multiple sizes, creating an eye-catching, layered look.

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Try these Woven Hyacinth Storage Bins from Walmart+ for Bathroom and Linen Storage Closet Organization.

Along with the canisters and wire bins, I also fell in love with this woven hyacinth planter basket that can be repurposed for anywhere in your house. We had it delivered using Walmart+! I use this basket in our bedroom and living room to store blankets. It’s movable storage that can also be used to store pantry essentials. I love how Walmart’s hyacinth baskets look! I even use a smaller woven bin with dividers for storage in our bathroom.

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It is always good to start the year fresh, and we have been able to do that with Walmart+. Doing our shopping online and having things delivered has helped us stay safe into the new year. I use Walmart+ as a great way to try out new items without even getting up from the couch! Plus, online ordering with Walmart+ allows you to skip the impulse shopping and get just the essentials for your home pantry.

Getting organized after the holidays can be a daunting task. With the help of a few Walmart organizational tools, I feel like I’ve regained control of my pantry. The biggest tip I can give is to not give up on keeping things neat. You can do it! I hope these post-holiday pantry organization ideas help get you in the organizing spirit. Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year!

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